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In Girona you can stroll peacefully around the historical city and visit its monuments and museums, and wander around its streets and squares enjoying the city’s tourist services, its cultural attractions, its festivals, its restaurants...

Mysterious Girona, a city with a past teeming with traditions, stories, folk tales. The Girona of the legends that tell us fantastic stories, from the origins of the city to tales of kings, giants, devils and witches.

Its old town, the Barri Vell, is one of the most evocative in all of Catalonia, with monumental elements that are unique in Europe, notably the “Call” (the old Jewish quarter, one of the best conserved in the Spanish State), the Cathedral (with its breathtaking single nave, the widest in the world in Gothic style) and the houses over the Onyar. It is from here that we invite you to discover the city.

The historical city

The historical city of Girona, one of the most interesting in Catalonia, makes it possible to journey through 2,000 years of history from the starting point of two fortified enclosures, the Força Vella and the Eixample Medieval. The first corresponds to the Romans’ foundation of the city and the second to the expansion of the walls during the 14th and 15th centuries. Monuments abound here, conserving very notable artistic riches. The attraction of Girona is completed with the evocative Jewish quarter, the “Call,” with its beautiful streets and porticoed squares, and with exuberant Baroque spaces and the Noucentista buildings designed by Rafael Masó.


Culture is alive and well in Girona. This is a restless, inquisitive city that throws its arms open wide to the various cultural proposals that artists and organisers are eager to present in this unique setting. For this reason, every year Girona holds various festivals of music, cinema, theatre and visual arts, which include a considerable number of disciplines: jazz, street art, classical guitar, international theatre, amateur theatre, videos and audiovisuals, and so on.

If you are culture lovers, you must not miss the town’s regular programming and its most prominent events.

Nature and Sport

Girona is a privileged city in terms of natural wealth. Here you will find rivers passing through the urban fabric, Mediterranean and riverside woods, hill ranges like the Gavarres, the Valley of Sant Daniel, fields, market gardens and farmland, and, in general, a landscape that has blended urban growth with the preservation of the natural surroundings. Just a few steps from the city centre you can enjoy all of this and much more. Discover your active tourism activity in Girona!


Girona is noted for its great culinary dynamism, characterised by the combination of traditional and avant-garde cuisine, without forgetting its roots and local products. The city has a large number of restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines: Catalan, Mediterranean, market, signature cuisine… Girona’s gastronomy has become an international benchmark, with two establishments distinguished with Michelin stars and one of the best restaurants in the world, El Celler de Can Roca.